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Blockchain and Fractional Ownership

Digital Token Solutions

Up to now, any investments in Private Equity, Large Assets (Plant, Infrastructure, Debt, Real Estate) and the like has been the reserve of the wealthy, and even then, the investments are illiquid making it hard to spread risk.

We simplify the investment market by converting asset ownership into digital shares for secure trading on the blockchain.

With a crowd funding approach this allows the barriers to entry to be reduced, with minimal initial investments. It allows risks to be spread, by investing across many asset classes, and even assets within the same class. In addition, we offer a secondary market matching buyers and sellers, making traditionally illiquid assets tradeable.

For an asset owner this enables the freeing up of capital, either in part or as a whole, and investment managers can have access to new inflows.

This results in unparalleled levels of liquidity for asset owners and investors.

Asset Owners

- Release locked-up capital to invest in new projects -

- Partially liquidate assets whilst retaining control -

- Access a wider pool of investors -

- Lower transactional costs and open up a secondary market trading for higher liquidity -

- Real-time data, reporting and asset performance -


- Access to deals generally reserved for corporates or ultra high net worth individuals -

- Removing the high barriers to entry and allowing a low minimum investment amount -

- Low cost transactions and access to trading opportunities that previously did not exist -

- Peer-to-peer transactions -

- Increased portfolio liquidity -


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Simon Read

Simon Read completed the Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme, is a mentor for Global Blockchain Labs, and advises and judges applications for the We In Social Tech program, supporting female tech founders developing projects with a social impact.

Jalpesh Thakrar

Jalpesh Thakrar commenced a career in the computer industry as a programmer producing training software for high street banks. He soon moved into the property management, managing a property portfolio with a valuation in excess of a £100 Million GBP.

Peter Longworth

Peter is an early adopter of blockchain and distributed ledger technology, and is involved in many areas of the industry including advisory, tokenisation, consulting, regulatory, legal & tax implications, cryptocurrency and trading. Peter is taking an MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currencies.

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How do I list a asset?

Contact our team to discuss the options. We need to understand your objectives and the profile of the asset – type of asset, valuation, ownership and revenues. We can then determine the best structure to meet your needs. Please note we are currently in pilot phase and only working with real estate properties with a return on investment >5%, and without any charges against the property.